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Rebuilding Minneapolis

We lament the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of a person whom our city entrusted with the job of protecting the peace and aiding citizens in need. The physical destruction of our city brings to light the vast economic and systemic disparities between Minneapolis residents and highlights the need for Christ-followers to put our faith into action by sacrificially serving others in our city.


Thanks to all who donated to the Lake Street Food Drive these past few weeks. If you'd like to see where your supplies went, WCCO did a short report, found here.

FreeBikes4Kids had a giveaway last week at Lake & Nicollet and had over twice as many people request bikes as they were prepared to distribute. A waiting list was created with the goal of getting bikes to families yet this summer. If you have an unused bike at home, contact the (adult-sized bikes are needed, too, for older teens) to donate to this effort.

Ongoing events through Support the Cities


Read Jemar Tisby's The Color of Compromise.  Senior Pastor John Sommerville will be hosting a 12-week series of zoom conversations, starting July 21st, about this book that details the ways that the American Christian church has compromised Biblical ideals of human dignity throughout our history of racial inequality. Register here for the discussion group.

Make a financial donation to The Lake Street Council (geographic equivalent of the SW Business Association that City Church is a member of) to invest in the rebuilding of damaged businesses.

Make a financial donation to The One Fund (sponsored by Be The Church MN) in order to provide grants to minority-led churches that have been disproportionately affected due to socio-economic and health-related factors. 


Take stock of what and who you support with your economic resources.  Are you able to pay a bit more than cheapest internet pricing to support a local business owner in their efforts to rebuild their livelihood? Could you choose a business in an economically disadvantaged part of the city for your purchase instead?

What are you tolerating, by your silence, that may be perpetuating racism or injustice in your relational circles? Speak up, with love and kindness (and firmness) whenever you may witness speech or actions that degrade the dignity of any other person.

Listen well to the experiences of those who have a different perspective.  Ask questions. Be curious...and humble.

Seek ways to proactively make our community more accessible to those with a lesser amount of financial resources. This may be in business, education, housing, politics, arts or recreation.