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Children's Ministries- Faith@Home

This Week's Bible Lesson

May 9th: Good News for the Overwhelmed
Main Point: Come to Jesus to find rest
Bible Passage: Matthew 11:28-30
Memory Verse: Luke 4:18



Kiddie Korner:

(Message Summary for Wiggly Little Ones)
Living in sin, and following the directions the world gives us can be exhausting and overwhelming.  But following Jesus gives us rest!  His teachings give us helpful tools as we go through life. 



Talk (or think) it over:

  • Can you think of a time when your work felt too hard and you got tired of trying? 

  • Have you ever felt relieved when someone gave you help with your work, or you found a tool to make your work easier? 

  • Read Psalm 55:22 and Psalm 68:19.  What do these verses tell you about God?

Make a Yoke!

Create an easy home-made yoke so your child can experience how it works! Grab a broomstick or a mop, some string or twine, and some empty milk jugs or juice bottles (with curvy necks). You will also need a small hand-towel. Fill the jugs with a few inches of water. Enough to feel slightly heavy, but light enough for a child to carry. Tie a long piece of string through the handle of the milk jug, or around the curvy neck of a juice bottle. Then tie the other end of the string to the broom stick. Do two of these - one on each side of the broomstick. Then, lay the broomstick across your shoulders, and lift it up so you are carrying the dangling water jugs. Invite your child to try carrying the water. Invite them to feel how heavy the water is, and to notice that the broomstick “yoke” helps you left the water. Explain that your leg muscles are stronger than your arm muscles, so carrying the water with the yoke is easier than carrying it with your arms if you have to go a long way. Next, explain that Jesus’ yoke is an easy, helpful yoke.  Empty some of the water out of the jugs, and fold a hand-towel over the back of your child’s shoulders to cushion against the broomstick. Invite them to carry the yoke again, experiencing how Jesus’ yoke is easier!

Yoke Obstacle Course or Relay

Use your new yoke to have a little fun!  Create an obstacle course in your living room or back yard!  (Ex: Start at the back door, run to the tree, circle the tree twice, weave in and out of the line of toys, spin around three times and cross the finish line!).   You can time your child to see how fast they can go!  Or, if you have multiple kids, let them do a relay and cheer each other on, trying to improve their time!

Memory Verse Game

The Spirit of the Lord is on me.

    He has anointed me

    to announce the good news to poor people.

He has sent me to announce freedom for prisoners.

    He has sent me so that the blind will see again.

He wants me to set free those who are treated badly

-Luke 4:18 (New International Reader’s Version)

Feel free to shorten this month’s verse a bit if your little learners need something shorter to work on.  Read through the verse with your kiddos a few times, and then have them repeat it back to you in short phrases.  Then, print this puzzle and cut out the pieces.  Invite your kids to mix up the pieces and reassemble the puzzle. 




Pray together, thanking God for giving us rest. Thank him for giving us wise teachings that help us as we make our way through life. Throughout the week, pray often to Jesus, asking for his wisdom and help!


Our goal: to help our kids come to love Jesus Christ. 

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