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Faith Stories - Kerry V.

03.07.17 | Faith Stories

    Good morning.  If I asked for a show of hands, and I’m not, who of you came here this morning saying to themselves “I’m so glad I have nothing to concern me, or, I am so glad there is no difficulty in the lives of my...

    Faith Stories - Bobby C.

    07.20.16 | Faith Stories

      I grew up in Omaha Nebraska and truly never remember not knowing Christ. Being in church was a way of life and eventually I made Jesus my Lord and savior, and was baptized at the age of 13. As a youth, I put Christ through every test...

      Faith Stories - Carlos G.

      07.20.16 | Faith Stories

        Hello, my name is Carlos G.  Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I was born in Costa Rica.  My wife and I  moved to the United States in 1995. I learned English and attended Kansas State University where I received my...

        Faith Stories - Chelsey B.

        07.20.16 | Faith Stories

          I started my career as an auditor, and remained in the field until very recently. I found that role emphasized a handful of core traits: critical thought, a healthy challenge of the status quo, the ability to “connect the dots” and...

          Faith Stories - Keith J.


            Faith story…..    I think it is an interesting title.  Before I accepted Jesus and maybe for a period after I didn’t really know what faith meant.  Yes, I knew it meant that you believe in something but...