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Sunday Morning Community

In this post-COVID world, we all need connection and belonging more than ever, so City Church has built that right into our Sunday morning schedule! Come for worship at 9:30; then stay for full programming of all ages for our second hour of Sunday Morning Communities. The first half of our time is spent getting to know others in a comfortable, relaxed way, and the second half is spent digger deeper into issues of faith through discussion and inter-active teaching. September 11th is FALL LAUNCH day! We invite you to start right away in the rhythm of worship and then Sunday Morning Communities. Read the descriptions below and contact Amy Rowell with any questions.

9:30 Worship (CityKids for birth – 5 years old on Lower Level)

  • Hour-long, family-friendly worship service in the Worship Center. Families with children in kindergarten and older are encouraged to worship together.
  • Early Childhood rooms (Nursery for 0-2 years & Pre-K/K for 3-5 year-olds) will be teaching age-appropriate Bible stories, songs and activities on the Lower Level.

10:30 -10:45 Refreshments in the Lobby—meet someone new!

  • Fifteen minutes to meet new people, grab a beverage, and invite someone to join you in your community room.

10:45 – 11:45 Communities for all ages: CityKids (birth – 5th grade) & Velocity (middle & high school students) on Lower Level

Adult Sunday Morning Communities

Adults may choose from one of three groups, all offered on the Main Level. Groups are roughly along generational lines, but you have freedom to choose where you would like to attend. Feel free to visit any group, though we hope eventually you will land in one so you have opportunity to develop relationships with others.

Gen Z &Millennials | The Good News That’s Actually Good | Library

Hosts: Erik & Rachel Stapleton

Teacher: Andy Rowell (first six weeks)

Good news for those queasy about evangelism! The Gospel—or Good News—is actually good news for people! Christian faith is in fact a plausible, compelling, and a beautiful way to live. In this six-week series, join us in discovering why the Gospel is good news for everyone, how people often come to faith in Christ, and what evangelism has to do with listening, caring about, and having conversations with people.

Gen X | Being With Jesus to Be Like Jesus | Commons

Host: Rick Lundberg

Teacher: Amy Rowell (first seven weeks)

Dallas Willard once summarized ambivalence about the topic of spiritual growth like this: “spirituality, wrongly pursued or misunderstood, is the greatest source of human misery.” We long to grow and develop spiritually, yet, tragically, many people turn the way of Jesus into either stale legalism not leading to life change, or limitless passivity supposing we will simply “drift” into spiritual maturity. This six-week course will attempt to explore a holistic and integrated approach into how we can follow Jesus in His way, learning the “unforced rhythms of grace” he invites us into.  

Boomers + | Doctrine Matters | Worship Center

Hosts: Warren & Barb Day

Teacher: Rich Schoenert

Good news for those who think doctrine is boring and irrelevant! The way we think about God and His work in our lives impacts us far more than you think! A.W. Tozer was on to something, “We tend by a secret law of the soul to move toward our mental image of God.” Theology pervades all of life! In this nine-week series, we will explore some of the great truths of our faith: God saved us, God continues to save us, God will one day save us fully, God adopts us into His family, and more. Don’t be surprised if you become a theology junkie.


Early childhood classes (for kids age 0-kindergarten) will be offered during both the worship service and the Community group hour. Children age 0-kindergarten are welcome to attend either or both hours on Sunday morning.

Elementary programming will be offered during the Community group hour (at 10:45). Children in grades 1-3 will continue their journey through Scripture together with fun, engaging activities to help them dive into God’s Word together and to build relationships with one another.

We will be launching a new programming for children in 4th and 5th grades. This will be an opportunity for them to build relationships with each other and to dive deeper into God’s Word together. They will discover the answers to basic theological questions such as “Who is God?” “Why do I need a redeemer?” and “What is the Trinity?”. Our goals are to help kids to become more grounded in their faith, to grow in their relationship with God, to build strong relationships with their peers, and to be equipped to think biblically.

During the 10:45 hour, all Citykids groups (preschool age-5th grade) will gather together for a brief portion of the hour for music and community-building activities. We hope to see you at Citykids!


Velocity (6th-12th grade) will meet downstairs in the Great Room. We will be taking a deeper dive into Scripture to learn the foundations of the Christian Faith. We will also have more in-depth discussion time both about the content we are studying and what is going on in our lives.

Plan to join us as together we build the bonds of a strong and healthy church!