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Sunday Morning Community

As we navigate the beginning of the post-COVID world, City Church has revamped our Sunday morning schedule to create a multi-generational worship service followed by an hour to allow our relationships with God and one another to deepen through learning communities with others of similar age and life experience. Here's what our new rhythm looks like:

9:30 am
· Hour-long, family-friendly worship service in the Worship Center. Families with children in kindergarten and older are encouraged to worship together.
· Early Childhood rooms (Nursery for 0-2 years & Pre-K/K for 3-6 year-olds) will be teaching age-appropriate Bible stories, songs and activities on the Lower Level.

10:30 – 10:45 am
· Fifteen minutes to meet new people, grab a beverage, and invite someone to join you in your community room.

10:45 am
· CityKids (Early Childhood + K-5 classes) and Velocity classes on Lower Level
· Three mid-sized adult communities on Main Level.

Adult Sunday Morning Communities

Adults, you get to self-select your group! And yes, we plan for each group to give themselves a name. Current names are just placeholders. Each group will have a Host—facilitator/community-builder and a Teacher to communicate content in inter-active ways. Some topics will run 4-6 weeks and others longer.

Gen Z/Millennials | What’s Your DESIGN? | Library

Hosts: Kyle & Summer Yared
Teacher: Elliott Warden for Design, Rachel Uthmann for Bible 101, and others

With a new sermon series just around the corner, this group will begin a 4 -week series on digging deeper into our unique DESIGN: Desires + Experiences + Skills + Individuality + Gifts = Niche. Just like each part of the body is important and unique, we need what you bring for God’s kingdom to come on this earth, as it is in heaven, and for this community to thrive! We want to see you find your fit—whether it’s serving inside or outside the church. Following this short series will be a Bible 101 series taught by Rachel Uthmann, and one future to-be-determined series.

Gen X | The Good News That’s Really Good | Commons

Hosts: Amy Rowell, Rick Lundberg
Teacher: Andy Rowell, with later series by Rick Lundberg, Tim and Rachel Uthmann, and others

Good news for those queasy about evangelism! The Gospel—or Good News—is actually good news for people! Christian faith is in fact a plausible, compelling, and a beautiful way to live. In this four-week series, join us in discovering why the Gospel is good news for everyone, how people often come to faith in Christ, and what evangelism has to do with listening, caring about, and having conversations with people. Following this series, we will have two additional short series by various teachers.

Boomers + | Church Leadership | Worship Center

Hosts: Warren & Barb Day
Teacher: Rich Schoenert

The Bible teaches that leadership is a key to blessing or misery in every church. It is important, therefore, that churches understand the role, responsibilities, and qualifications of leaders in order to select godly, mature, gifted, and emotionally healthy leaders to oversee its ministries. In this series on church leadership, we will examine what Scripture teaches on these matters. Series will run approximately 8 weeks with opportunity to expand if needed.


Early childhood classes (for kids age 0-kindergarten) will be offered during both the worship service and the Community group hour. Children age 0-kindergarten are welcome to attend either or both hours on Sunday morning.

Elementary programming will be offered during the Community group hour (at 10:45). Children in grades 1-3 will continue their journey through Scripture together with fun, engaging activities to help them dive into God’s Word together and to build relationships with one another.

We will be launching a new programming for children in 4th and 5th grades. This will be an opportunity for them to build relationships with each other and to dive deeper into God’s Word together. They will discover the answers to basic theological questions such as “Who is God?” “Why do I need a redeemer?” and “What is the Trinity?”. Our goals are to help kids to become more grounded in their faith, to grow in their relationship with God, to build strong relationships with their peers, and to be equipped to think biblically.

During the 10:45 hour, all Citykids groups (preschool age-5th grade) will gather together for a brief portion of the hour for music and community-building activities. We hope to see you at Citykids!


Velocity (6th-12th grade) will meet downstairs in the Great Room. We will be taking a deeper dive into Scripture to learn the foundations of the Christian Faith. We will also have more in-depth discussion time both about the content we are studying and what is going on in our lives.

Plan to join us as together we build the bonds of a strong and healthy church!