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Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Posted by John Sommerville on

Is honesty the best policy? Of course it is. Or at least that’s the conventional wisdom. But the philosopher Immanuel Kant disagreed. Honesty, he argued, isn’t the best policy, it’s the only policy. Kant was concerned that if we only focus on what “works,” it will...

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Why Heaven Matters


Posted by John Sommerville on

Why Heaven Matters For some time, I’ve become increasingly convinced that our culture undervalues the hope of heaven. The images of harps and clouds and guys in white robes seems odd and unattractive. Of course that’s just a caricature. But heaven is difficult to describe. A place...

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Be Inauthentic

Posted by John Sommerville on

Be Inauthentic You’re probably thinking “typo,” or that I’m totally wacked, but I’m serious. Like tolerance, “authenticity” (or put another way, “being true to yourself”) is a core cultural virtue. To be honest I cringe when people talk...

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