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The Quotable Jesus

The Quotable Jesus

It’s not a stretch to say that Jesus is quoted more than any other figure in history. Even self-identified skeptics, can’t help but quote Jesus. He had a way of putting things that comforted the weak, captivated the curious and infuriated the self-righteous. He took conventional wisdom and turned it on its head. His words cut through the petty concerns of selfish hearts and inspired many to pursue a better way of life. For nearly 2,000 years the words of Jesus have shaped the moral imaginations of people around the globe. From the Golden Rule to loving your enemies his words have provided clarity, healing and hope to countless millions. In the coming months we’re going to look at fifteen of the most quoted sayings of Jesus. But this will be more than simply an examination of the teaching of Jesus. Our hope is to uncover what it is about Jesus that has so captivated people for 2,000 years. And, has been the case for so many in history, to find that by meeting Jesus we will be changed.


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