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City Church Missions

IAFR Mission Trip -Greetings from Breccia di Roma Church

Posted by Alissa Minion on

I was asked to pass on greetings from the Breccia di Roma Church. Valeria especially wanted to thank City Church for the bathroom! Such a blessing to them. Everything but the doors are installed!

We are now in Charlotte for a few hours waiting for a plane to Minneapolis. This trip has changed us all. Altered world views, opened our hearts to the refugee population, their unique stories and how hope is the common thread. We attended three Evangelical churches in Rome. Their hearts are bursting with Love for the Lord!! We were given a tour of the Reformation by Chiara at Breccia di Rome Church. We could see how the art and culture has been shaped by the Catholic Church and see the growth of the Evangelical Church.

Our team was really united. We left not knowing each other well. Now these people are dear friends. Can you believe Kim’s Fitbit clocked 80 miles in 11 days!!

And a special thank you to our leaders Tim Uthmann and Jake Tornga.  I won’t forget how they so often counted us ducks.