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IAFR Mission Trip -We are Back!

Posted by Sheryl Heathcote on

Dear City Church Family
We are now safely home from our mission trip to Italy. Without your prayers and financial support this trip would not have been possible. So again, on behalf of the team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The picture posted on this blog is of me and our new friend Jamal. His radiant smile is a beautiful example of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Jamal came to Italy from Ghana West Africa about three years ago. Jamal is representative of a refugee ‘success story’. He works full time as a porter in a hotel, speaks fluent English and Italian and has a place to live with the pastors of Breccia di Roma Church. As a Muslim background believer he has a passion for the gospel that seems to be unique to those who are willing to lay their very lives down to spread it.
The Bible studies led by Tim’s co leader Jake helped us to realize that refugees throughout the centuries all over the world are very near to God’s heart and we as Christians have a mandate to help them however we can.
I’m looking forward to telling you much more when I see you!