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IAFR Mission Trip - Buongiorno

Posted by Noah Coon on with 1 Comments

Hello! Here is today's blog post and picture.

Il Soggiorno was closed today, so we decided to seize the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of Rome. We had a traditional Italian breakfast as a local bar (coffee shop), which consisted of coffee and pastries, and then took the metro into downtown Rome to visit some of Rome's historic landmarks such as the Colosseum. We learned that it was a Roman holiday today celebrating the patron saint of Rome and that most of the tourists were at the Vatican for the festival, so the lines were very short and our team had enough time to stop and see the landmarks. While we no doubt had a blast seeing these renowned sights in Rome, the trip was not purely touristic. Visiting the various ruins of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum proved to be very insightful to both the Italian and Roman mindset. Romans and Italians both tend to have great pride in their heritage and immersing ourselves in their history helped us to empathise with their love and respect for their culture. It made me realize that in comparison with the USA’s few hundred years of history, Rome and all of modern day Italy have thousands of years of history to look back on and learn from. They have made it through more turmoil and triumph than the USA and that is where the pride comes from. It comes from a respect for the past and the resilience of Its people. I truly believe the trip to these ancient ruins will be vital to improving our relationship with the Italian people and bringing the Italian Churches closer to social outreach in Italy.
Noah and the 2018 Missions Team


Ruth Hovland July 1, 2018 8:16pm

What is known and what continues to enrich. Being wide eyed towards understanding more with additional intentionality towards the details provided. Opening your hearts even wider to the moments offered. Blessing your day of learning. Finding so much will be present in your subsequent engagements. Praying God's voice will continue speaking with profound focus. Blessing the moments that you all are yet to reside within.