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Fire Pits with Amy

Thursday, November 19, 7:00pm

Location: City Church Parking Lot--park on perimeter 1501 West 54th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419

Contact: Amy Rowell (612) 655-0988, amy@citychurchmpls.org

We're taking advantage of the warmer weather! Bundle up, grab a mask and chair, and meet in the City Church parking lot. We'll sit socially distanced around the fire and talk about whatever you want. Yes: you may meet someone new.  Yes: you will have a great time of conversation with real human beings in the great outdoors.  Yes: you can arm wrestle your spouse to see who gets to go and who stays home to put the kids to bed. 

Weather forecast is great for this event: high of 52; 10% chance precipitation, and little to no winds.  In the unlikely event we have more than 10, we will split into smaller groups to abide by current Coronavirus guidelines. 

I'm in!  Looking forward to seeing you. Text Amy with any questions: 612.655.0988