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  • Mailing Address: 1501 West 54th Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55419



Who We Are

City Church is a Christ-centered community inviting all people to grow in the transforming grace of Jesus and demonstrating the love of God to the world.


We want each person to find peace, meaning and purpose, guidance, strength and hope in saying, "Yes!" to the invitation Jesus offers. And then we want to make sure to extend the invitation Jesus offers to others by sharing God's story and our story of faith with those we know.

City Church is a place to experience Christian community where we share the joys and difficulties of life and meet brokenness with grace, forgiveness and compassion. We want to extend Christian love to all by caring deeply and loving others the way that God loves us.

Jesus is the wisest, most loving person who ever lived and offers the grace, peace, hope, freedom and healing we need to flourish and become the people God created us to be. We are committed to practice the spiritual habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. Spiritual growth happens best when we combine community and the Bible.

We strive to do ordinary things with great love and live generously. As God is generous with us, so too can we be generous in the way we live, giving our time, skills and money to serve others sacrificially.