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Growth Groups

Growth Groups, or small groups, have always been a crucial way for us to foster deeper connections with those in our church community. 

They enable us to grow in our relationship with God and others through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and service. We have groups for adults of all ages and stages of life. Growth Groups consist of 8–16 people who meet weekly or twice/month. Groups are offered on a semester basis (Sept-Dec; Jan – May) with the opportunity to renew or change groups each semester. In many cases, the group discussion correlates with each Sunday morning message, but we also have groups that study Christian living, marriage and parenting, or specific books of the Bible.

How are we doing Growth Groups in the middle of a pandemic?

Currently being updated…stay tuned for more information next week. 


We believe now more than ever people need connection, and yet we also honor and respect the varying needs and comfort levels of our participants. As such, we're offering five formats for groups. Group participants have chosen these formats and we encourage you to choose a format that best fits you. You can identify a group's format by searching in the Type column to the right of the screen in the Group Finder below:

Virtual Year-long for groups choosing to meet exclusively online.
Outdoor Preferred, then Virtual for groups wishing to refrain from meeting indoors, but wanting to reduce the amount of meeting remotely. Meet in back yards, parks, etc. for as long as possible this fall and as soon as possible this spring. 
Outdoor Preferred, then Indoor for groups who will relocate to a home or the church building once weather forces. Note state ordinance requires groups meeting at the church must wear masks.  
In Person + Virtual for groups who want to meet in person, but also have a computer or phone connected for those who need to join remotely.
Indoor Year-long for groups choosing to meet indoors so long as health and infection rates permit.

Please click here to use the group finder tool to find the best group for you. Contact the group leader through the right-hand arrow for more information and to sign up.