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D.E.S.I.G.N.ed for a Purpose

DESIGNed for a Purpose

Posted by Rich Schoenert on

In the winter of 2022, we launched a series called “DESIGNed for a Purpose.” If we are to love others and be a blessing to our city, we need to know how God has uniquely designed us for service. DESIGN is an acronym:

Desires + Experiences + Skills + Individuality + Gifts = Niche

The goal for this series is not to recruit workers to do what we want done, but to help each of us find an appropriate place of service both in the church and the world based on our divine wiring. The curriculum developed each week for individual and group use after each sermon will make use of a variety of “testing” or going deeper tools to help us better understand our unique DESIGN and thus find our niche:

  • Desires: an exercise to help us discover our passions/desires/interests.
  • Experiences: a tool to help us reflect on key positive and negative life experiences, which have shaped us and which God may want to use in ministry.
  • Skills: a tool to help us identify key abilities.
  • Individuality: a version of Myers-Briggs to identify temperament strengths and preferences.
  • Gifts: a spiritual gifts questionnaire.
  • Niche: Those who determine their Desires, Experiences, Skills, Individuality and Gifts find their ministry niche.

Stay focused on this blog. Listen to each sermon, then spend 20-30 minutes prayerfully with each exercise. Click the link at the bottom of each exercise to develop a DESIGN profile, which will summarize all that you’ve learned from the various tools. Once you have completed them all, the church office will send you your complete profile along with some customized next steps.

Discovering how God designed us gives us a better understanding as to how He wants us to serve Him with our lives.