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D.E.S.I.G.N.ed for a Purpose

Discovering Your Desires

Posted by Rich Schoenert on

What is your heart’s desire?

The Bible uses the term “desires” to describe the bundle of motivations that you have—your passions, hopes, longings, dreams, ambitions, and affections—the things you care about, the things you love to do. All these comprise your desires.

We could call it an emotional heartbeat. Physically, every human being has a heart that beats just a little differently. The same is true emotionally. That is why there are some things that you care about very deeply, and there are other things about which you couldn’t care less.

Desire (or passion) is caring about something bigger than yourself—something vital to you and significant in the grand scheme of things. A worthwhile desire is anything you pursue with God. And anything you pursue with God is truly worthwhile.

Take time to read and reflect on this quote from the bookYour Heart’s Desire, by Emmet Fox

But how is one to find his true place in life? Is there any means whereby you may discover what it really is that God wishes you to do?  You may feel inclined to say, “Even if it be true that God has some splendid thing that he wishes me to do, and to be, how can I possibly find out what it is?” Perhaps you may even be tempted to add, “I am a very plain, everyday sort of person; my circumstances are extremely restricted; the conditions of my life are just drab commonplace. How then can there be something wonderful, beautiful, splendid awaiting me? Or even if there were, how could I possibly get to know about it?”

And the answer is Divinely simple—Already in your past life from time to time, God himself has whispered into your heart just that very wonderful thing, whatever it is, that he is wishing you to be, and to do, and to have. And that wonderful thing is nothing less that what is called Your Heart’s Desire. Nothing less than that. The most secret, sacred wish that lies deep down at the bottom of your heart, the wonderful thing that you hardly dare to look at, or to think about—the thing that you would rather die than have anyone else know of, because it seems so far beyond anything that you are, or have at the present time, that you fear that you would be cruelly ridiculed if the mere thought of it were known—that is just the very thing that God is wishing you to do or to be for him. And the birth of that marvelous wish in your soul—the dawning of that secret dream—was the Voice of God himself telling you to arise and come up higher because he had need of you.


These exercises may help you determine what areas (people, tasks, projects, causes) you presently feel attracted to and are most passionate about. Grab a notebook or journal and take the time to think through these questions, praying that God will help you see more about who and what He created you to be and do.

Areas of Desires

1.   Desires that relate to particular groups of people.

The people that I would like to help most are:

  • Children
  • College Students
  • Disabled
  • Elderly
  • Grieving
  • Homeless
  • Hospitalized
  • Immigrants/Refugees
  • Infants
  • Newly Marrieds
  • Parents
  • Prisoners
  • Single Adults (30+)
  • Single Parents
  • Unemployed
  • Widowed
  • Young Adults (20-somethings)
  • Youth
  • Other:                     
2.      Desires that relate to causes or issues:

The issues or causes that I feel strongly about are:

  • Abuse/Violence
  • Addictions
  • Affordable Housing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Child Care
  • Christ-centered parenting
  • Crime & Safety
  • Disability support
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Evangelism
  • Financial stewardship
  • Health Care
  • Health/Fitness
  • Human Trafficking
  • Immigration
  • International issues
  • Internet & Social Media
  • Job Training
  • Law/justice system
  • Marriage/Family
  • Poverty/hunger
  • Politics
  • Racial Justice
  • Religious Freedom
  • Sanctity ofLife
  • Sexuality/Gender issues
  • Spiritual Apathy
  • Other:                     
3.    Desires that revolve around certain functions: organizing things or assisting in practical ways…
 A. Reflect on what you enjoy doing and think about more than anything else.

These are all things that bring you a certain amount of satisfaction, laughter, and joy. The activities you enjoy can be from many different areas of life, such as sports, hobbies, recreation, service, etc. To generate your list, think about the following questions:

  • What makes you “come alive”?
  • What fascinates you?
  • When do you feel most fulfilled?
  • What is something you would personally like to change in the world?
  • What enjoyable activity or discussion would keep you up at night later than normal?
  • What areas are you continually drawn toward?
  • What needs do you love to meet?
  • If time or money weren’t an issue, where would you donate your life?
  • What would your closest friends say that you were really interested in and passionate about?

Prioritize your answers from above, listing them below in order, from highest to least.

B.     Reflect on what brings you fulfillment (satisfaction).

What are one or two things from your top five or six answers on the previous page that bring you the most heartfelt fulfillment and satisfaction? To what areas are you consistently drawn?

Why do these things inspire you?

C.     Reflect on your influence.

How could your involvement in these areas change the world around you? What would be the impact?

What result(s) would you like to see in people’s lives from your involvement in these area(s)?

D.     Reflect on your area of focus.

Are general themes to your desire(s) beginning to emerge? If yes, what are those themes? Examples: investing in others, missions, health and fitness, serving single mothers, etc.

E.       What do you feel have been your greatest achievements in life?
F. At the end of your life, what would you like to look back and know that you had done something about?
G. If you knew that you could not fail, what would you really desire to do with God’s help?

With the general emerging themes of your desires, note the category in which your area of Focus is best reflected.


Category             Description                 Notes/words/phrases that fit well with my focus area


The heart of these ministries is directed toward God by engaging the church in the Word, worship, song, the arts, tech arts, etc.



The heart of these ministries is assimilating visitors, attenders, and members into a relationship with Christ and the church through hospitality, fellowship, belonging and encouragement.



 The heart of these ministries is maturing believers in the area of their gifts, ministry, training, and leadership— serving a variety of life-stage and affinity-based groups for growth, accountability, and service.



 The heart of these ministries is focused on relating, reaching, and connecting unbelievers and the unchurched to a relationship with Christ and His church.



The heart of these ministries is assisting people in the church and community with their physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health through the grace, love, and resources of the Kingdom.



The heart of these ministries is freeing other people, leaders, and ministries from practical concerns to keep focused on their ministry goals. May involve structuring the systems and procedures to serve and support people and ministries.


Transfer your information to the “Desires & Passions” section of your DESIGN PROFILE.

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