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180 | Be the Revolution

180 | Be the Revolution

Dealing with Conflict

Dealing with Conflict

Why this series? Two primary reasons:

1. Because we all live in a world where conflict happens. It occurs in all relationships. Yes, even in church.

2. Because according to the VitalChurch Assessment Report on City Church, which we participated in last fall, you said that as a church we typically do not handle conflict well. Seventy-five percentage of responders gave very low scores.

Author Jim Van Yperen in his book entitled Peacemaking mentions the primary wrong ways we often handle conflict: some of us have a passive/evasive style of responding to conflict, while others of us have a defensive/aggressive style.

We tend to respond to conflict in ways that reflects one of these wrong approaches. Unless we are learning how to handle conflict appropriately, we will continue to live with relational hurts and not experience the peace and unity that communicate to others the radical difference that Jesus makes in our lives.

Does the Bible have anything to say about conflict resolution? A thousand times yes! Scripture is packed full of illustrations of conflict and numerous principles on how we are to conduct ourselves when we are at odds with others.

In this series, several staff members will join Pastor Rich in addressing the following issues:


Teach us to Pray

Teach us to Pray

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